Access arrangements for Water Icicle Close Cavern Extensions

In order to protect the very delicate and scientifically important sediments and formations in the new extensions to Water Icicle Close Cavern, arrangements have been made, in agreement with DCA and Natural England, for parties to visit the extensions once a month accompanied by a guide.

The guide is provided to ensure no damage occurs and to point out features of interest to help explain why exceptional conservation measures are necessary. All visitors are responsible for their own safety, therefore they need to be competent cavers - we cannot accept any novices. The above arrangement is to gain access to the new extensions, but cavers need to provide their own equipment and be able to rig, descend and ascend the 32m entrance pitch.

Each group may consist of a maximum of 4 visitors but it may be possible to take two groups on one day. The dates listed are Saturdays, but you may be able to arrange to visit on a Sunday or if you are unable to visit at a weekend, it may be possible to take your group underground on a midweek evening (one group of four only). Please contact us with an alternative midweek date close to the advertised one.

Because of the Traffic Regulation Order now in place on Derby Lane, we also need you to designate two vehicles (per group) before the date of the trip, so that exemption forms can be obtained from the Peak National National Park Authority. The information we need is the colour, make, model and registration number for each vehicles. Please be aware that if this information is not correct on the day, there is the chance that you could be prosecuted for parking on the lane.

These arrangements apply to the new extensions at the end of Northwest Passage - access to the rest of the cave is unaffected, including the more recent extensions to South Passage.

If you wish to arrange for a visit, please send an email with the date required (please allow a reasonable notice period) to

Natural England update on the research at Water Icicle Close Cavern in Lathkill Dale (SSSI)

Page Last Updated: 23 December, 2017