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British Caving Association

This web site is the online Home of the New National Body for Caving. This is the home of any documents and news pertaining to the new national body. It also contains links to other relevant sites and contact details.

New to Caving

New to Caving website

A modern, professionally designed website to inspire and encourage new people to take up our sport

Derbyshire Caving Association (DCA)

The aim of the Derbyshire Caving Association (DCA) is to protect the caves and promote good caving practice within the Peak District and surrounding areas. Membership is open to all clubs and individuals with an interest in caves and caving or mine exploration. Check out the DCA website for further information.

Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation (DCRO)

The Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation was formed in 1952 and is now one of sixteen voluntary organisations in the British Isles who provide the police with an underground search and rescue service. To date DCRO has been called over 300 times and has gone to the aid of more than 350 people and nearly 50 animals. The number of callouts per annum fluctuates quite a lot, but in the last ten years has averaged around six.


DESCENT is the UK's premier caving magazine and has a comprehensive web site with over 300 pages of news, club information, discoveries, sales, etc.


A site devoted to underground exploration in the uk.

Masson Caving Group

Established in 1979, and based in the Derbyshire Peak District, the Masson Caving Group is an organisation supporting an informal group of like minded cave exploration enthusiasts, dedicated to the discovery and conservation of the underground world.

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